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Challenges Faced by Technical & Scientific Support Organizations

International Conference on Challenges Faced by Technical and Scientific Support Organizations (TSO) in Enhancing Nuclear Safety and Security

25-29 October 2010 Tokyo, Japan

Poster session - Questions and answers


Tuesday 26 October 2010

Wednesday 27 October 2010

Thursday 28 October 2010


Nuclear power generation as an approach to coping with global warming has become an issue throughout the world, and many countries with operating nuclear power plants are trying to expand their nuclear programmes. In particular, ambitious nuclear programmes are being developed or launched in developing countries with high economic growth rates, such as a number of countries in Asia. This presents new opportunities and challenges in designing and incorporating concepts of nuclear safety, nuclear security and nuclear safeguards at the earliest possible stage of development. In this context, technical support services are one of the main pillars of the safe, secure and peaceful use of nuclear energy.


The objective of this conference is to develop a common understanding of the responsibilities, needs and opportunities of TSOs, to further promote international cooperation and networking between them for enhancing nuclear and radiation safety regulation, including capacity building in countries with extensive or limited experience in nuclear programmes, and in those countries embarking on nuclear power programmes. The conference will develop appropriate approaches for a global vision for TSOs and elaborate recommendations for the future of TSOs under the framework of the GNSR. The conference is also expected to raise awareness of the need for technical and scientific support, which is one of the main pillars of a sustainable nuclear security system in a State.

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