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Radioactive Waste Management: Issues, Trends

International Conference on Issues and Trends in Radioactive Waste Management, Vienna, 7-11 December, 2002

This conference can be seen as a follow-up to the successful conference on this subject held in Cordoba, Spain in March, 2000. The scope of consideration was broadened to include: issues in the management of disused sealed sources, of waste containing naturally occurring material (NORM) and of residual waste from past events and activities, and, : trends in discharge control, long term storage of waste, involving the concerned public in decison making, and the emerging international safety regime. The conference highlighted a number of issues in relation to these topics and the findings of the conference will be used as a basis for updating the existing Action Plan on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management approved by the General Conference in September 2001. Prposals for an updated Action Plan will be submitted to the Agency's Board of Governors at its September 2003 meeting. Summary Findings

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