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Safety of Transport of Radioactive Material

International Conference on the Safety of Transport of Radioactive Material, Vienna, 7-11 July, 2003

This Conference was convened to foster the exchange of information on issues key to the safety of transport of radioactive material by all modes. It provided an opportunity for the 450 participants from almost 80 countries to develop findings, as appropriate, where further international co-operation in this area might be needed. The participants represented a broad spectrum of professionals dealing with the safety of transport of radioactive material, including regulators, package designers and manufacturers, consignors, carriers, consignees, radiation protection officers and emergency responders. The summary and findings of the Conference President, and the contributed papers (12MB) are now available, while the proceedings, which will include all contributed and invited papers and the discussions following each session, will be available shortly.

International Action Plan for the Safety of Transport of Radioactive Material

In September 2003, the IAEA General Conference, in resolution GC(47)RES/7.C, commended the Agency for having convened this International Conference and requested the Agency "to develop an Action Plan, in consultation with Member States and for approval by the Board, if possible in March 2004, based on the results of the Conference and within the Agency's competence". This Action Plan was prepared pursuant to resolution GC(47)/RES/7.C and approved by the Board in March 2004.

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