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Spent Fuel from Nuclear Power Reactors

International Conference on Management of Spent Fuel from Nuclear Power Reactors

The IAEA hosted an International Conference on Management of Spent Fuel from Nuclear Power Reactors which took place from 31 May to 4 June, 2011. The conference addressed all aspects of spent fuel management from national policy through legal and regulatory aspects, experience with spent fuel storage, reprocessing and recycling options and long term storage and disposal. The conference President was Mr Anil Kakodkar from India and the conference was opened by Mr Yury Sokolov, IAEA Deputy Director General, Department of Nuclear Energy and was concluded with a round table discussion on future strategies chaired by Mr Tomihiro Taniguchi, IAEA Deputy Director General, Department of Nuclear Safety and Security who also closed the meeting.

The President's report provides a summary of the conference findings and highlights some emerging issues

Opening Session

Opening address by DDG-NE, Mr. Yuri Sokolov

Opening address by Conference President, Mr Anil Kakodkar

Opening address by Mr. Uichiro Yoshimura, Deputy Director for Safety and Regulation, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, France

Opening address by Mr. W.Graf Director, Spent Fuel Management Dept GNS mbH, Germany

Session Presentations and Summaries

Session Two A: France; India; Japan; Russia; USA
Session Two B: Canada; Germany; Spain; United Kingdom; Summary

Session Three: Arius Association; Chile; Egypt; Jordan; Summary

Session Four: Argentina; Summary

Session Five A: Germany; Hungary; IAEA; Japan; Romania; USA;
Session Five B: Argentina; France; Japan; Slovakia; USA; Summary

Session Six: OECD; Summary

Session Seven: Belgium; France 1; France 2; Germany; Ukraine; Summary

Session Eight A: Canada; Japan 1; Japan 2; USA
Session Eight B: Japan; Republic of Korea 1; Republic of Korea 2;
Spain; USA; Summary

Session Nine: Russia 1; Russia 2; Russia 3;United Kingrom; USA; Summary

Session Ten A: Argentina; Hungary; India; USA
Session Ten B: IAEA; Japan 1; Japan 2; Pakistan; Ukraine; Summary

Session Eleven: France; India; Japan; Russia; USA; Summary

Session Twelve: China 1; China 2; France; Republic of Korea;
; USA; Summary

Session Thirteen: Arius Association; Finland; Russia; Sweden; USA; Summary

Closing Session

President's Conclusions

Closing remarks

Photo gallery

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