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Safety of Radioactive Waste Disposal

International Conference on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Disposal, 3-7 October, 2005, Tokyo, Japan


The objective of this conference was to foster information exchange on the safety of radioactive waste disposal covering; the choice of appropriate waste disposal options, safety standards, safety cases for presenting safety arguments and demonstrating compliance with standards, safety assessment methodologies and their application, dealing with uncertainty, regulatory review and decision making, the derivation of limits, controls and conditions to be applied to the development and operation of disposal facilities to ensure safety and the communication of safety issues to all interested stakeholders and confidence development. The conference considered all possible disposal options available, drawing from experience in Member States with near surface and geological disposal facilities and those at intermediate depths and giving consideration to any multilateral approach that may be adopted. President's summary pursuant to the conference President's summary pursuant to the Conference


A number of international conferences of importance for radioactive waste management have taken place in recent years. The Cordoba conference, March 2000, was organized with a view to identifying issues of international concern pending the coming into force of the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management (the Joint Convention). The Vienna Issues and Trends conference, December 2002, addressed developments with these issues. The Joint Convention came into force in June 2001 and the first review meeting of Contracting Parties took place in Vienna in November 2003.


Approximately 300 participants from 51 countries and international organizations attended the conference. The conference was organized in eight technical sessions which included a number of keynote presentations and a Rapporteur’s summary of the contributed papers, which number some one hundred and six. The presentations were followed by panel discussions. The conclusions from the various sessions were reported at a closing session of the conference together with an overall summary presented by the Conference President, Kenkichi Ishigure.

Session summaries

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