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Tarragona Conference presentations

Monday 23rd February, 2009:

European legislation and guidance to prevent loss of control of sources and to recover orphan sources, and other requirements relevant to the scrap metal industry (A. Jansens)

The Tale of a Man (A. Rodriguez)

The View of the Steelmakers (D. Harvey)

The global nuclear safety regime to control and manage inadvertent radioactive material in scrap metal (D. Louvat)

Relevance for regulated sectors: control of radioactive sources (M. Rodriguez)

The relevance for the nuclear industry decommissioning programmes

Challenges in the Management of Potentially Contaminated Scrap Metal
(R.W. Meehan)

UNECE Recommendations on Monitoring and Response Procedures for Radioactive Scrap Metal (S.M. Stephenson)

Tuesday 24th February, 2009

Prevention, Detection and Response System for Inadvertent Radioactive Material in the Scrap Metal in Ukraine (O. Makarovska)

The UK Code of Practice on Clearance and Exemption (C. Fayers)

Reducing Uncontrolled Radioactive Sources through Tracking and Training: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Initiatives (D. Kopsick)

Assignment of Responsibilities on the Management of Scrap Metal in Brazil
(E. Correa)

The Spanish Protocol on collaboration in the radiological surveillance of metallic materials (J.M. Redondo)

Transboundary Movement of Radioactively Contaminated Scrap Metal - Prevention, Detection and Response - Lesson Learned (M. Nizamska)

Regulatory Control of Scrap Contaminated with NORM from Mining and Mineral Processing Facilities - A South African Experience (P. Mohajane)

Decommissioning & Dismantling the EURODIF-Georges Besse Plant
(R. Themines)

Wednesday 25th February, 2009

Exclusion, Exemption and Clearance in the frame of the control and management of inadvertent radioactive material in scrap metal (A. Gonzalez)

Slovenian System for Protection against Illicit Radioactive Material in Scrap Metal Shipments (A. Stritar)

VLLW : Characterization and recycling for sustainable development (G. Laurent)

The Problems Related to “Orphan” Radioactive Sources in Scrap Metal:Georgian Experience (G. Nabakhtiani)

The accummulated experience derived from the application of the Spanish Protocol and other initiatives of the Authorities (P. Carboneras)

Activities and Issues in Monitoring Scrap Metal against Radioactive Sources
(S. Chen)

Radiation Detection, Response & Recovery (S. Clarke)

Monitoring of Scrap Metal – Experience with Radioactive Sources and Activation/Fission Products (S. Thierfeldt)

The need for training in the metal recycling industry (T. Micheletti)

Thursday, 26th February, 2009

Accidental Cs-137 source melting in a steel mill in México (A. Cortes)

Co-60 contaminated stainless steel in Gemany - experiences and first steps
(B. Saha)

French Experience (B. Zerger)

Experiences in Management of incident with Contaminated Scrap Metal in Spanish Industries (C. Sanchez)

Experience in Sweden Management of incidents with contaminated scrap metal
(E. Brewitz)

Madagascar Experience in Management of Consequences of Incidents with Contaminated Scrap Metal (J. Ramanandraibe)

Incidents in the Spanish Industry. Learned Lessons (J.P. Garcia)

Radioactive Contamination in Steel Products – Indian Experience (K. Singh)

Experiences in Monitoring and Dealing with Radioactivity in Recycling Steel at Outokumpu Tornio Works (M. Koskelaine)

Hungarian Practice and some Typical Cases (O. Turak)

Friday 26th February, 2009

The View of the Nuclear Authorities: United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (C. Einberg)

Perception of Nuclear Radiation - Why the facts and our fears both matter
(D. Ropeik)

The View of the Industry (R. Bartley)

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