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International Conference on Control and Management of Radioactive Material Inadvertently Incorporated into Scrap Metal 23-27 February 2009 Tarragona, Spain


This conference was organized by the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). conference proceedings


The objectives of the conference was to foster the exchange of international experience gained in recent years in the control and management of radioactive material that has been inadvertently diverted into scrap metal streams; to promote good practices to prevent inadvertent diversion of radioactive material; and to elaborate upon existing international recommendations, and develop new recommendations and guidance as needed.

Summary and conclusions

Metal recycling has become an important industrial activity in all countries; it is seen as being socially and environmentally beneficial because it conserves natural ore resources and saves energy. Radioactive material may become associated with scrap metal inadvertently and if it is melted can cause health, economic and public acceptance problems for the metal industry. The aim of this conference was to share experiences and, if possible, to contribute towards the resolution of the problems caused by the inadvertent presence of radioactive material in scrap metal. more


Session 1 - Global perspective. In this session the views and perspectives of different organizations concerned with the issue of radioactive material in metal scrap were presented, including those of the international organizations concerned with scrap metal recycling, steel making, radiation source security and safety and international trade and economics. summary

Session II - National Policies and Strategies. In this session some of the national policies and strategies being used to address the control of inadvertent radioactive material in scrap metal were presented. In addition to the papers presented orally in this session, there were contributions describing the situation in many countries of the world in the form of posters displayed during the conference. summary

Session III - Compliance with radiological criteria: Monitoring, characterization and good operational practices. In this session, criteria relevant to the release of metals from nuclear regulatory control were presented and methods for complying with the criteria and for detecting radioactive materials in scrap metal were discussed. summary

Session IV - Management of Incidents with Contaminated Scrap Metal. In this session a number of incidents and experiences with scrap metal containing radioactive material were described. summary

Session V - Improving Confidence and Protecting the Interests of Stakeholders This, the final session of the conference, was focused on the important topic of public perception. The public in most countries is concerned about the hazards of ionising radiation and when there is a risk that radioactive material can be present in close proximity to them, for example, in metal products, that concern becomes magnified. The session contained presentations on the views of the recycling industry, of a national regulator, of an expert in risk perception and communication and of a journalist. more

Presentations; final poster

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