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Havana, Cuba, 14- 23 October, 1998

Fourth Regional Congress of Radiation and Nuclear Safety

In order to promote the dissemination of safety-related scientific and technical information generated by experts from Latin American countries, the Agency co-sponsored a Regional Congress on Radiation and Nuclear Safety held in Havana, Cuba from 14 - 23 October, 1998. This was the fourth such congress held in Latin America with Agency support. The Congress was attended by 339 participants from 22 countries, and 296 papers were accepted.

The programme of the Congress covered 17 topics:

  • Occupational radiation protection
  • Radiation protection in the medical practice
  • Radiation protection of the public
  • Quality assurance programmes
  • Safety of nuclear facilities
  • Dosimetry and nuclear instrumentation
  • Nuclear and radiological emergencies
  • Radioactive waste management
  • Transport of radioactive material
  • Biological effects of ionizing radiation
  • Human factor. Training
  • Regulatory aspects
  • Safety assessment
  • Radiological surveillance of the environment
  • Exposure to natural radiation
  • Public information. Risk perception
  • Non-ionizing radiation

The Congress confirmed the importance of events for the provision of information and exchange of experience among the regional community on relevant topics related to nuclear and radiation safety.

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