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Decommissioning Conference, Berlin, 2002

International Conference on Safe Decommissioning for Nuclear Activities: Assuring the Safe Termination of Practices involving Radioactive Materials, Berlin, Germany, 14-18 October, 2002

At this conference, organised by the Agency and hosted by the Government of Germany, a number of important safety issues were highlighted for international action; they relate to updating and improving safety standards, establishing international criteria for the release of materials and sites from regulatory control, developing strategies for decommissioning research reactors and providing for the long term financing of decommissioning. Summary Findings (64kb)

International Action Plan on the Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities

In September 2003, the General Conference, in resolution GC(47)RES/7.A, and urged the Secretariat to submit a finalized action plan to the Board for approval as soon as possible in 2004. The Board approved the Action Plan in June 2004.

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