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Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities

International Conference on Lessons Learned from the Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities and the Safe Termination of Nuclear Activities, 11-15 December 2006, Athens, Greece


click to enlargeAn international conference was held in October 2002 on specific issues (e.g., removal of controls, social issues, funding, planning, etc.) that resulted in an International Action Plan on Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities. An international workshop co-sponsored by the NEA/IAEA/European Commission was held in Rome, Italy, in September 2004 that allowed discussion of topics to determine if all key issues are being addressed. The present conference may be seen as following on from these meetings by addressing the subject from a more practical perspective. proceedings


The following main topics were covered:

  • Evolution of national and international policies and criteria for the safe and efficient decommissioning of nuclear facilities and safe termination of nuclear activities
  • Review of lessons learned from ongoing or completed activities associated with decommissioning
  • Improvement of safety and efficiency through the use of new and innovative technologies
  • Practical aspects in the management of material, waste and sites resulting from decommissioning, including the management of waste in the absence of repositories and waste acceptance requirements
  • Procedures for demonstrating compliance with clearance criteria;
    Experience from radiological assessments associated with decommissioning
  • Involvement of the local communities and the impact that decommissioning activities has on them
  • Management and optimisation of occupational radiation protection during decommissioning


The objective of the conference was to foster information exchange on the safe and efficient termination of practices that involve the use of radioactive substances and to promote improved coherence internationally on strategies and criteria.


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