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Mumbai, India 2008

International Conference on Topical Issues in Nuclear Installation Safety: Ensuring safety for sustainable nuclear development, 17-21 November

Safe, secure, peaceful and efficient use of nuclear energy requires sustainable tools, including infrastructure that provides legal, regulatory, technological, human and industrial support for the nuclear programme. A country planning a nuclear programme or currently operating nuclear facilities must develop, maintain or improve safety through the mechanisms of international connectivity, sustainable knowledge transfer and synergy among important programmes to safely and reliably operate and maintain the nuclear power programme. These efforts are necessary to protect the citizens within the country, within neighboring countries, the region and the world

The objective of the conference is to foster the exchange of information on topical issues in nuclear safety, especially on issues that ensure safety for sustainable nuclear development. The conference will identify foundations for international consensus on the basic approaches for dealing with these issues, and will propose recommendations concerning:

  • The vital role of national regulators and international organizations in the global harmonization of nuclear safety
  • Opportunities for nuclear development: the perspectives of vendors and operators; Safety infrastructure for nuclear programmes
  • Safety management and operational experience feedback
  • and the relationship between safety and security requirements.

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