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Vienna, Austria, 3-6 September 2001

International Conference on Topical Issues in Nuclear Safety

In 1991, the IAEA organized an international conference on ’The Safety of Nuclear Power: Strategy for the Future’. Recommendations from the 1991 conference prompted actions in subsequent years to advance nuclear safety worldwide. One of those actions was the establishment of the Convention on Nuclear Safety, which entered into force in October 1996. In 1998, the Agency held an ’International Conference on Topical Issues in Nuclear, Radiation and Radioactive Waste Safety’. The nuclear safety issues discussed during the conference were: (1) safety management; (2) regulatory strategies; and (3) backfitting, upgrading and modernization of nuclear power plants. Substantial progress has been made, and continues to be made by Member States in enhancing the safety of nuclear power plants. At the same time, more attention is being given to other areas of nuclear safety. The objective of the conference is to foster the exchange of information on topical issues in nuclear installations safety, with the aim of consolidating an international consensus on:

  • The present status of these issues;
  • Priorities for future work; and
  • Needs for strengthening international co-operation, including recommendations for future activities for the IAEA.

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