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Vienna, Austria 2014

International Experts Meeting on Severe Accident Management in Light of the Accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, 17-20 March


Severe accident management in light of FukushimaThe objectives of this meeting were to:

  • Share improvements made to severe accident management programmes following the Fukushima Daiichi accident
  • Discuss the appropriate regulatory treatment of severe accident management
  • Discuss how to effectively train and equip operators to effectively implement severe accident management guidelines (SAMGs)
  • Identify any knowledge gaps related to the implementation of SAMGs and the ways to fill these gaps
  • Discuss linkages between on-site and off-site response plans during a severe nuclear accident, and
  • Identify potential priority areas for research and development.

Approximately 170 experts from around 40 Member States and international organisations gathered during IEM 7 to discuss their views regarding enhancements to severe accident response that are either planned or implemented in Member States. The meeting consisted of 13 keynote presentations, 31 invited presentations, and 22 posters which provided the framework for the constructive deliberations that took place during the 6 panel discussions.

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