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Kashiwazaki, Japan 2008

Seismic Safety of Nuclear Power Plants:
IAEA International Workshop on Lessons Learned from Strong Earthquakes, 19-21 June

Seismic safety of nuclear installations is a subject that has received substantial attention at the IAEA within the framework of its statutory functions for establishing nuclear Safety Standards and providing for their applications. IAEA Safety Standards have been developed since the 1970s and significantly improved in late 1990s. Today they are widely applied among the Member States. The seismic safety review services based on these Standards started in 1980s and at present more than 110 missions of interdisciplinary team of experts were implemented in many countries during the site selection and evaluation phases, and for new and existing nuclear installations. In view of the recently recorded earthquake ground motions at nuclear power plant sites in Japan, and other strong earthquakes that occurred worldwide, IAEA is assessing the way in which this information can be shared by Member States and how Agency programmes may be affected. After major events, there are always lessons to be learned and these should be used in such a way that benefit nuclear power plant seismic safety internationally. Taking into account the renewed demand for nuclear energy worldwide, the ways in which new nuclear power plant designs consider seismic issues will be of interest.

The main objective of this Workshop is sharing information in relation to recent technical knowledge and research developments, as well as the experience and good practices relating to the occurrences and effects of this type of extreme external event on nuclear power plant sites. Thus, learning from the lessons of these recent events, will allow the review, revision and expansion, as appropriate, of the Agency Safety Standards relevant in the subject of seismic safety. Some of these actions are already underway. As a step in that direction, the Agency is organizing an international workshop convening a meeting of specialists in the field, aiming that they will provide their information and experience from the regulatory, designer, utility and academic points of view in relation to the hazard assessment, the design, evaluation, upgrading and operational aspects. It is envisaged that the workshop will provide a forum for discussions between experts in the field of seismic safety and as a result, with the necessary generalization, they will be summarized into an Agency publication.

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