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Vienna, Austria, 25-29 August 2003

International Symposium on Seismic Evaluation of Existing Nuclear Facilities

In the past decade, seismic evaluation of existing nuclear power plants (NPPs) has been an issue in western countries, particularly for older NPPs in the east of North America and in Europe, as well as in eastern European countries where systemtic reviews of NPPs were carried out. At present, additional interest results on the one hand from projects on plant life extension, and on the other from seismic evaluation of other nuclear facilities such as laboratories, research reactors and fuel cycle facilities, that are frequently of older design and earlier construction than NPPs.

The objective of the Symposium was to foster the exchange of information on relevant topical issues with the aim of i)consolidating international consensus on the present status of these issues, ii) promoting a common engineering approach to their resolution or improvement, and iii) identifying the needs for strengthening international co-operation. 112 participants from 35 countries attended the Symposium with 17 papers presented orally as well as 35 posters. The format of the Symposium, which offered long periods of time for discussions, was highly appreciated by the participants. More

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