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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2-6 December 2002

International Conference on Safety Culture in Nuclear Installations

The Conference was organized by the IAEA in co-operation with Electrobras Termonuclear S.A. and Industrias Nucleares do Brasil. Over 400 representatives from approximately 40 countries attended. There was general agreement that poor safety culture underlies almost all major events. It was also recognized that the external pressures on operating organizations today are rising and such pressures have a history of impacting on safety in dramatic ways despite formalistic control programs.

During the week many interesting papers were presented both from experts in the field and from people who have "gone out and tried it". Among the key issues identified by the Conference were the development and use of models and indicators of safety culture; development of actions to enhance safety culture; the role of the regulator; and the interlinking of the safety culture of an organization with its business strategies and constraints. More

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