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Poiana Brasov, Romania 2011

Regional Conference on Norwegian funded Regional Excellence Programmes for Safe Nuclear Energy in Romania and Bulgaria, 28 March - 1 April


The IAEA Extrabudgetary Programmes for Safe Nuclear Energy in Romania and Bulgaria were initiated in September 2009. The Programmes were funded by a grant from the Norwegian grant organization Innovation Norway on behalf of the Norwegian Government, and implemented by the IAEA Safety Assessment Section (SAS) in the Division of Nuclear Safety Installation (NSNI).

Regional Conference on Safe Nuclear Energy in Romania and BulgariaThe Bulgarian, Romanian and Norwegian parties asked the IAEA to undertake the implementation of the two programmes to include best practises and to facilitate a balanced approach between improved safety at the nuclear installation and improved safety review by the regulators. As the programme implementation agent, the IAEA was directly involved in programme development and management. The completion date for programme activities is April 2011.


The overall objective of the programmes is to enhance nuclear safety in both countries. The Programmes aim to develop the regulator and operator to a level of sustainable excellence that will be recognized as a model for others to follow. A parallel outcome expected by the IAEA in its implementation efforts is to establish nuclear safety project frameworks and content that will be directly applicable to other IAEA Member States developing nuclear power capacity. This programme will, therefore, serve as a pilot for future excellence programmes for other IAEA Member States.

The topics include:

  • Safety assessment methodology
  • Safety culture
  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Integrated management systems
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Knowledge management capacity building
  • Site evaluation

The objective of this conference is to share the results from both programmes in upgrading nuclear safety competencies and capacities, and to explore possibilities of application of similar methodologies in other Member States. The Norwegian ambassador, Mr. Ø. Hovdkinn, stated in his opening remarks "The events in Japan have reminded us that nuclear safety is not only of national but also of international concern. It is therefore positive that this project has improved not only the nuclear safety in Romania and Bulgaria but also improved the cooperation between the two countries, especially the part of the project related to emergency preparedness, and thereby contributing to the IAEA safety effort towards all IAEA Member States".

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