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Helsinki, Finland 2010

International Workshop on Experiences from Construction and Regulatory Oversight of Nuclear Power Plants, 30 August to 3 September

The objectives of the workshop are to share lessons learned from nuclear power plant construction and regulatory oversight of the construction activities.

The workshop addresses the safety principles and requirements for new nuclear power plants, feasibility studies for new nuclear power plants, key issues during construction phase, and the lessons learned from design, construction, manufacturing, and installation of mechanical components and steel structures, concrete structures, and electrical and I&C equipment, as well as quality management. The workshop will also be a forum for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to present, discuss and receive feedback on its draft safety report on regulatory oversight of construction of new nuclear power plants.

Special focus will be on regulatory experience and lessons learned in Finland, including utility and vendor experience from Olkiluoto-3 project implementation. The workshop also covers the roles of the inspection organizations and technical support organizations that have contributed to regulatory inspections and safety assessment during the project, as well as other international experiences.

Workshop details

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