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Vienna, Austria, 28 May - 1 June 2007

Fifth IRSRR Meeting

The Incident Reporting System for Research Reactors is operated under the IAEA programme on the Safety of Research Reactors and aims to collect, analyse and disseminate information on unusual events that have occurred at research reactors. 50 Member States have joined the IRSRR to date.

The fifth Technical Meeting on the Incident Reporting System for Research Reactors (IRSRR) was organised by the IAEA and held from 28 May to 1 June 2007. This technical meeting was implemented within the framework of the Agency’s Program J6.01 and with additional support from the Regional TC Project RER/4/029 “Enhancement of the Sustainability of Research Reactors and Their Safe Operation Through Regional Cooperation, Networking and Coalitions” and the Extrabudgetary Programme on the Safety of Nuclear Installations in South East Asia, Pacific and Far East Countries.

The objectives of the meeting were:

  • To exchange information on safety significant events that occurred at reasearch reactors;
  • To provide insight from operational experience feedback;
  • To provide training to the IRSRR coordinators; and
  • To identify the needs for the future development of the IRSRR.

Forty-three coordinators representing thirty-five Member States, one lecturer and one scientific secretary attended the 5th technical meeting of co-ordinators for IRSRR. Approximately half the participants were National coordinators from the regulatory authority, and 50% were operators (local co-ordinators).

As is usual in these meetings, and in addition to the exchange of information and discussions on the occurrences, a training session was held which focused on three topics proposed by the coordinators during the previous meeting: root cause analysis, safety culture and event investigation techniques. For the duration of the table top exercise sessions, the participants were split into seven groups, and each group was required to analyse different events reported by participants, using several event investigation techniques.

Fifth IRSRR Meeting, Vienna, 2007A technical tour was organized to the TRIGA Research Reactor 250kW at Atominstitute, Technical University of Vienna. The participants also had the opportunity to visit the Emergency Response Centre (ERC) at IAEA Headquarters.

The participants agreed to hold the next IRSRR Technical Meeting in 2009.

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