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Bariloche, Argentina, 17-21 November 2003

Third IRSRR Meeting

Twenty-six IRSRR co-ordinators from nineteen countries attended the meeting. This meeting aimed to:

  • Review lessons learned from the experience gained in the participating countries in relation to evaluation and communication of events that occurred at research reactors;
  • Report on experience with use of the trial version of IRSRR database available on the Internet at;
  • Discuss improvements to provide training in key safety issues; and
  • Discuss recent achievements and future actions to further increase the number of participants and reports.

IRS MeetingThe participants made twenty presentations on events that had occurred in different research reactors and on other subjects related to some national events reporting systems. All presentations were collected and included in the CD proceedings of the Third IRSRR Meeting.

The host organization provided special lectures related to research reactor design and utilization: Advantage in using Information Technology in Nuclear Research Reactors, Failure Mode and Event Analysis, and Safety Analysis as a tool in accident prevention.

During the meeting discussions, participants noted that the data from the IRSRR could be used by Member States for:

  • Review of Safety Analysis Reports;
  • Collection of reliability data for Probabilistic Safety Assessment;
  • Quality Assurance;
  • Training of operators, regulators and designers;
  • Identification of Postulated Initiated Events;
  • Design improvements;
  • Safety culture enhancement

Thirty-eight Member States have joined the IRSRR to date. The number of IRSRR coordinators should be increased not only by the number of states participating in the system but also by the number of local co-ordinators.

The participants agreed that the next meeting be held in 2005.

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