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Radiation, Transport and Waste Safety

The Vision

“To be recognized as the global reference for the protection of people and the environment, now and in the future from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation without unduly limiting its beneficial uses.”

The Mission

  • Working with Member States to develop and maintain safety standards for radiation protection, radioactive waste safety and safety in transport of radioactive material that allow for the beneficial uses of radiation while ensuring appropriate protection of workers, patients, the public and the environment
  • Assisting Member States in the application of safety standards though the provision of appraisals and services
  • Facilitating the implementation of international legal instruments on safety
  • Supporting Member States in establishing and maintaining a proper safety framework for the management and control of radioactive material and other sources of radiation, including radioactive waste and spent fuel

Director of Radiation, Transport and Waste Safety Peter Johnston.

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| Last update: Thursday, 03 September, 2015.