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Safety Assessment Section

Peter Hughes, Section Head, Safety AssessmentThe mission of the Safety Assessment Section (SAS) is to enhance the capability of Member States in:

  • Achieving and maintaining a high level of safety in nuclear installations through the development of safety standards in the safety assessment and design safety areas including periodic safety review and configuration management
  • Applying these safety standards through the Design and Safety Assessment Review Service, including assistance to improve their ability to perform self-assessments
  • Assessing the safety aspects of the design of nuclear installations;
    in integrating deterministic, probabilistic and performance based approaches and applications to the risk informed decision-making process
  • Effectively conducting safety assessments and safety enhancements at nuclear installations
  • Developing and applying advanced deterministic and probabilistic analytical methods/tools related to events, accidents and severe accidents, to prevent human induced events of malevolent origin, and include the mitigation of their possible consequences, with respect to systems design
  • Developing and implementing safety performance indicators to monitor safety performance, better apply safety assessments, and increase their transparency
  • Developing and implementing configuration management and design basis maintenance
  • Establishing and implementing safety assessment education and training programmes to build strong capacities and enhanced competencies in nuclear safety, and
  • Connecting to a knowledge network to gain experience and information on developed methodologies and good practices, and to facilitate knowledge management and networking among the Member States in the technical areas of safety assessment and design safety, developing and maintaining the related global knowledge base.

The main fields of activity relate to the development and maintenance of Safety Standards for the design of nuclear power plants and for the safety assessment of nuclear installations. SAS also provides support to Member States in relation to the application of the Safety Standards by providing training and by carrying out safety assessment review services in the field of design safety and generic reactor safety.

Specific topical areas and their applications include: design basis accident, beyond design basis accident, safety analysis, accident management, safety performance indicators, risk informed decision-making, deterministic and probabilistic safety assessment methods/tools, engineering areas related to design, periodic safety review, and configuration management.


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