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Research Reactor Safety Section

Amgad Shokr, Head, Research Reactor Safety SectionThe Research Reactor Safety Section provides for the development and implementation of an international safety enhancement plan for research reactors and fuel cycle facilities. This includes the monitoring of research reactors subject to project and supply agreements, and assisting Member States with such reactors in fulfilling relevant safety obligations.

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Enhancing the safety of research reactors (RRs)

Activities to enhance the safety of research reactors (RRs) in Member States cover a wide range of topics, including siting, design, construction, commissioning, utilization and decommissioning. These activities consist of:

  • Developing IAEA safety standards for RRs and promoting their application
  • Providing assistance in the application of the Code of Conduct on the Safety of Research Reactors
  • Promoting information exchange on operational experience through the Incident Reporting System for Research Reactors (IRSRR)
  • Conducting Integrated Safety Assessment of Research Reactors (INSARR) missions and other safety review services on Member State request
  • Assisting Member States in the implementation of recommendations provided during safety review missions
  • Improving the safety analysis and operational aspects of RRs
  • Improving safety management and promoting safety culture in operating organizations
  • Organizing meetings for the exchange of operational safety experience and lessons learned from events
  • Organizing training activities and meetings on relevant safety issues
  • Providing assistance on safety aspects related to fuel management and core conversion
  • Assisting Member States to improve emergency preparedness and response
  • Cooperating with other international organisations on RR safety matters.

Monitoring and safety enhancement of RRs under Agreement

The objective is to verify compatibility with Safety Standards and to ensure an appropriate level of safety in the concerned research reactors. The corresponding activities include the following:

  • Organizing regular review meetings on the safety status of RRs subject to Project and Supply Agreements
  • Collecting and analysing data on Safety Performance Indicators
  • Conduct safety review and training activities. More

Enhancing the safety of fuel cycle facilities (FCFs)

To enhance the safety of fuel cycle installations in Member States through the development of Safety Standards and their implementation.

Developing safety standards for FCFs

The safety standards related to fuel cycle cover siting, design, construction, operation and decommissioning of FCFs, include in particular:

  • Uranium milling and refining, conversion and enrichment, fuel fabrication and fuel cycle research and development facilities
  • Spent fuel storage, reprocessing and waste conditioning facilities.

Promoting the operational safety of FCFs

The objective is to improve the operational safety level through the conduct of safety review services and activities based on Member State requests, and the exchange of information on operational experience and lessons learned from events. This is ensured by:

Co-ordinated Research Project on Safety Performance indicators

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