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New EPR Publication available: How to set up a Communication Strategy and Plan for a Radiation Emergency

Previous experience from radiation emergencies has highlighted that communicating efficiently with the public is key to successful emergency management. To be prepared, the importance of developing a robust radiation emergency communication plan (RECP) cannot be overstated. The new publication Method for Developing a Communication Strategy and Plan for a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency serves as a practical guideline to both national and local authorities on developing an RECP as part of the emergency public communication strategy during a radiation emergency.

As a supplement to the previous publication on Communication with the Public in a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency in the IAEA Emergency Preparedness and Response Series, this publication defines the structures, roles, responsibilities, principles and the concept of operation for communicating with the public during a radiation emergency. It comes with a template which can be adopted directly by those responsible for public communications to develop a sound RECP. Download publication

| Last update: Wednesday, 25 November, 2015.