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Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network


The Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network (GNSSN) is one of the elements of the Global Nuclear Safety and Security Framework (GNSSF), related to the sharing of information and knowledge among the global expert community. This includes active or latent interactions between them that can support work related to nuclear safety and security matters. The Vision and Mission of GNSSN was set up with the aim of ensuring that critical knowledge, experience, and lessons learned about nuclear safety and security are exchanged as broadly as they need to be.


The GNSSN was established to promote and enhance the nuclear safety and security framework, by coordinating stakeholder activities of global safety and security networks, regional safety networks and national nuclear regulatory portals. The picture above explains these interactions in more details among all the elements.

The GNSSN is the worldwide gateway to sharing nuclear safety and security knowledge and services to facilitate capacity building among its Member States.

Global Nuclear Safety and Security Framework

The Global Nuclear Safety and Security Framework (GNSSF) is the global framework for achieving and maintaining worldwide a high level of safety and security at nuclear facilities and activities. A cornerstone for the effectiveness of the GNSSF is strengthening of networking.

GNSSN Registration

GNSSN has public and restricted parts. The public part provides access to information available to all users without registration in GNSSN, other Agency websites and relevant external sources. The restricted site is used as a collaboration platform for safety and security teams, forums and user communities and requires an official nomination and a registration. Registration page »

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