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Legal instruments

The international emergency preparedness and response framework is based on the following two conventions:

These conventions place specific obligations on the Parties and the IAEA, with the aim of minimizing consequences for health, property and the environment.

In accordance with these conventions, each State Party and the IAEA Secretariat have identified 24-hour warning points to which a request for assistance can be directed, as well as competent authorities who are authorized to send requests and to arrange for the provision of assistance.

Convention on Early Notification of a Nuclear Accident

This Convention aims to strengthen international cooperation in order to provide relevant information about nuclear accidents as early as necessary in order that transboundary radiological consequences can be minimized. States Parties commit that, in the event of a nuclear accident that may have transboundary radiological consequences, they will notify countries that may be affected and the IAEA, and provide relevant information on the development of the accident. The IAEA in turn forthwith informs States Parties, Member States, other States that may be physically affected and relevant international organizations of a notification received and promptly provides other information on request.

Latest status of the Parties and Signatories to the Convention.

Convention on Assistance in the Case of a Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency

This Convention sets out an international framework for co-operation among States Parties and with the IAEA to facilitate prompt assistance and support in the event of nuclear accidents or radiological emergencies. The IAEA serves as the focal point for such cooperation by facilitating the provision of assistance through channelling information, supporting efforts, and providing its available services.

Latest status of the Parties and Signatories to the Convention.

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