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WASSC 45 - July 2018

Group Photo of WASSC-45 Participants (2,797kb) 06/07/2018 details
W1.3 Draft Agenda for the WASSC Meeting (566kb) 28/06/2018 details
W1.5 Draft Chairs Report - WASSC-44 Meeting (1,443kb) 26/06/2018 details
W1.6 Status of actions arisen from the 44th WASSC meeting (218kb) 02/07/2018 details
W2.1a Development and Approval of Safety Standards (SPESS B) (508kb) 02/07/2018 details
W2.1b IAEA Safety Standards (SPESS A) (5,451kb) 02/07/2018 details
W2.3 and W2.4 WASSC ToR and Working Methods (1,813kb) 02/07/2018 details
W2.5 and W2.6 Report on the 43rd CSS Meeting (916kb) 03/07/2018 details
W3.1 DS434 Radiation Safety of Radioisotope Prod. Facilities (316kb) 02/07/2018 details
W3.2 DS489 Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel (403kb) 03/07/2018 details
W3.3 DS419 Radiation Protection and Safety in Well Logging (297kb) 03/07/2018 details
W3.4 DS420 Radiation Protection and Safety in Nuclear Gauges (298kb) 03/07/2018 details
W3.5 DS484 Site Evaluation for Nuclear Installations (913kb) 03/07/2018 details
W3.6 DS486 Safety Infrastructure for a Nucl. Power Programme (311kb) 03/07/2018 details
W3.7 Status of WASSC-led Safety Standards (1,739kb) 03/07/2018 details
W4.1 DPP DS513 (612kb) 04/07/2018 details
W5.1a CSS recommendations related to the UNSCEAR Report (207kb) 04/07/2018 details
W5.1b Conclusions from the 43rd CSS Meeting (282kb) 04/07/2018 details
W5.2 Proposal to review IAEA Safety Fundamentals SF-1 (162kb) 04/07/2018 details
W5.3 Summary of the End of Term Reports from SSCs and NSGC (358kb) 04/07/2018 details
W6.1 DS459 Mngt of Radioact. Residues from Uranium Prod. (325kb) 03/07/2018 details
W6.2 DS477 Mngt System for Predisposal and Disposal of RW (209kb) 04/07/2018 details
W6.3 DS499 Application of the Concept of Exemption (421kb) 04/07/2018 details
W6.4 DS500 Application of the Concept of Clearance (545kb) 04/07/2018 details
W6.5 Proposal to revise the Safety Guide WS-G-5.1 (301kb) 04/07/2018 details
W6.6 Living and Working in Areas Affected by Past Events (503kb) 04/07/2018 details
W7.1 Sixth Review Meeting of the Joint Convention (791kb) 04/07/2018 details
W7.2 Report from the 2018 WATEC Meeting (1,658kb) 04/07/2018 details
W7.3 Guidance on the Management of DSRS (1,630kb) 04/07/2018 details
W8.1 Recent Activities of the European Union (1,032kb) 05/07/2018 details

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