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WASSC 43 - June 2017

W1.3 Draft Agenda for the WASSC Session (415kb) 07/06/2017 details
W1.5 Draft Chairmans Report - Joint EPReSC WASSC Session (636kb) 11/06/2017 details
W1.6 DPP for SR on Living and Working in Contaminated Areas (123kb) 08/06/2017 details
W1.6 Status of Actions after 42nd WASSC Meeting (S. Geupel) (202kb) 12/06/2017 details
W2.1 Information on INSAG-27 report (P. Tarren) (891kb) 12/06/2017 details
W3.1 DS403 (V. Ljubenov) (619kb) 10/06/2017 details
W3.2 DS487 (K.S. Sim) (298kb) 12/06/2017 details
W3.3 DS491 (P. Villalibre) (307kb) 14/06/2017 details
W3.4 Status of Waste Safety Standards (S. Geupel) (1,358kb) 13/06/2017 details
W4.1 DPP DS507 (Y. Fukushima) (279kb) 12/06/2017 details
W5.1 DS459 (Z. Fan) (536kb) 12/06/2017 details
W5.1 DS459 SPESS Step 8 July 2016 (607kb) 14/06/2017 details
W5.2 DS477 (G. Bruno) (376kb) 13/06/2017 details
W5.3 NST047 (D. Dudenhoeffer) (773kb) 13/06/2017 details
W6.1 Proposed structure for self-assessment of SSCs (186kb) 15/06/2017 details
W6.1 Self-assessment of CSS and SSCs (D. Delattre) (375kb) 15/06/2017 details
W6.2 Information on WASSC End of Term Report (S. Geupel) (295kb) 15/06/2017 details
W7.1 GEOSAF Part III (A. Guskov) (880kb) 14/06/2017 details
W7.2 Project on Monitoring Programmes for RW Disposal (367kb) 14/06/2017 details
W7.4 Overview on MODARIA II (G. Proehl) (835kb) 15/06/2017 details
W7.5 Update on the Joint Convention (S.Geupel) (577kb) 15/06/2017 details
W7.6 Feedback from the 7th CNS Review Meeting (M. Svab) (490kb) 13/06/2017 details
W7.7 New IAEA initiatives and projects in the RWSFM Unit (535kb) 14/06/2017 details
W8.1 Regulatory Developments and Application of SS in UK (377kb) 14/06/2017 details
W8.2 Regulation for Radioactive Waste in Japan (T. Yoshii) (2,649kb) 14/06/2017 details
RW1.3 Draft Agenda for the Joint RASSC WASSC Session (389kb) 07/06/2017 details
RW2.1 CSS paper: Implications of the UNSCEAR 2012 Report (697kb) 08/06/2017 details
RW2.1 Update from the 41st CSS Meeting (D. Delattre) (414kb) 15/06/2017 details
RW2.2 Update on the NSS-OUI Platform (D. Delattre) (782kb) 08/06/2017 details
RW2.3 Holistic review of the Safety Standards structure (306kb) 08/06/2017 details
RW2.3 IAEA Safety Standards - Future situation (3,113kb) 08/06/2017 details
RW3.1 Consultancy meeting on revision of RS-G-1.7 (292kb) 08/06/2017 details
RW3.1 Revision of RS-G-1.7 (V. Ljubenov) (336kb) 13/06/2017 details
RW4.1 Radioisotopes Applications in Industry (J. Thereska) (3,697kb) 13/06/2017 details
RW4.2 Draft TECDOC on Safe Use of Radiotracers (673kb) 08/06/2017 details
RW4.2 Safe Use of Radiotracers (D. Telleria) (329kb) 13/06/2017 details
RW4.3 Applying a Graded Approach to Regulation (J. Bosnjak) (460kb) 13/06/2017 details
RW4.4 Prudence & Conservatism in Radiation Prot. (R. Coates) (2,395kb) 13/06/2017 details
RW5.1 DPP DS504 (S. Nestoroska Madjunarova) (644kb) 13/06/2017 details
RW5.2 DPP DS505 (T. Yankovich) (698kb) 14/06/2017 details
RW6.1 DS472 (J. Bosnjak) (331kb) 13/06/2017 details
RW6.2 DS473 (J. Bosnjak) (315kb) 13/06/2017 details
RW6.3 DS474 (S. Nestoroska Madjunarova) (850kb) 13/06/2017 details
RW6.4 DS475 (L. Berthelot) (470kb) 13/06/2017 details
RW6.7 DS484 (O. Coman) (679kb) 14/06/2017 details
RW6.8 DS495 (Ch. Bajwa) (298kb) 14/06/2017 details
RW6.5 DS479 (D. Zahradka) (437kb) 14/06/2017 details
RW6.6 DS483 (A. Ulses) (255kb) 14/06/2017 details

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