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WASSC 41 - June 2016

W 1.3 Draft Agenda for the WASSC Session (381kb) 16/06/2016 details
W 1.5 Final Report of the 40th WASSC Meeting (857kb) 27/06/2016 details
W 2.1 DS459 (Z. Fan) (722kb) 24/06/2016 details
W 5.1 Status of Waste Management Projects (G. Bruno) (432kb) 24/06/2016 details
W 1.6 Status of actions arisen from WASSC40 (S. Geupel) (390kb) 20/06/2016 details
W 1.7 WSS - status and future steps (S. Geupel) (1,848kb) 20/06/2016 details
W 3.1 Feedback from South Africa (V. Maree) (1,983kb) 20/06/2016 details
W 3.2 Recent activities of the EC (B. Batandjieva-Metcalf) (5,789kb) 21/06/2016 details
W 3.3 Recent Activities of NEA (M.Gillogly) (1,295kb) 23/06/2016 details
W 3.4 Presentation of the INPRO Manual (J. Phillips) (728kb) 20/06/2016 details
W4.1 DS468 (T. Yankovich and M. Roberts) (635kb) 04/07/2016 details
W 4.2 DS489 (A. Guskov) (288kb) 23/06/2016 details
W 4.3 Feedback Analysis of RS-G-1.8 (T. Yankovich) (945kb) 23/06/2016 details
W 5.2 Feedback from Madrid Conf.(V.Ljubenov and G. Williams) (340kb) 23/06/2016 details
W 5.3 Information on the RWM Conference (G. Bruno) (432kb) 23/06/2016 details
RW 1.3 Draft Agenda for the Joint RASSC WASSC Session (376kb) 17/06/2016 details
RW 2.1 Report from the 39th CSS meeting (D. Delattre) (666kb) 21/06/2016 details
RW 2.2 NSS-OUI IT Platform (D. Delattre) (751kb) 21/06/2016 details
RW 3.1 DS474 (S. Nestoroska Madjunarova) (535kb) 21/06/2016 details
RW 3.2 DS459 (Z. Fan and J. Rowat) (619kb) 21/06/2016 details
RW3.3 DS491 (P. Villalibre) (237kb) 21/06/2016 details
RW 3.4 DS495 (N. Capadona and S. Whittingham) (412kb) 21/06/2016 details
RW 4.1 DS497 (V. Ranguelova and P. Tarren) (546kb) 21/06/2016 details
RW 5 - DS432 - For information (414kb) 06/06/2016 details
RW 5 - DS427 - For information (805kb) 06/06/2016 details
RW 5 - DS442 - For information (782kb) 06/06/2016 details
RW5 DS432, DS427, DS442 for information(T. Boal,D. Telleria) (190kb) 21/06/2016 details
RW 6.1 Proposal to revise RS-G-1.7(V. Ljubenov and I. Gusev) (407kb) 21/06/2016 details
RW 6.2 Proposal to develop guidance material (P. Johnston) (639kb) 21/06/2016 details
RW 6.3 Progress on CoC (M. Kinker and H. Mansoux) (291kb) 21/06/2016 details
RW 6.4 Revision of Saris Question Sets (T. Hailu) (1,116kb) 21/06/2016 details
RW 7.1 NST009 (F. Bakri) (665kb) 21/06/2016 details
RW 7.2 NST041 (R. Larsen) (164kb) 21/06/2016 details
RW 8 Draft Agenda for the Topical Session on NORM (400kb) 10/06/2016 details
RW8.1 IAEA Work Programme on NORM (J. Rowat) (1,101kb) 22/06/2016 details
RW8.2 Radiation Exposure due to NORM Industries (M. Crick) (614kb) 22/06/2016 details
RW8.3 Application of ICRP Recommendations (J-F. Lecomte) (1,486kb) 22/06/2016 details
RW 8.3 Challenges Regulating NORM-US view (J. Thompson) (1,037kb) 23/06/2016 details
RW8.5 Challenges Faced by NORM Industries (F. Harris) (628kb) 22/06/2016 details
RW 8.6 Challenges in regulating the Coal Industry (S.Liu) (2,113kb) 22/06/2016 details
RW 8.7 Radiation Exposure from Coal Industry (I. Stamat) (701kb) 22/06/2016 details
RW 8.8 Coal Industry in Europe (B. Michalik) (4,448kb) 22/06/2016 details

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