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WASSC 39 - June 2015

W 1.3 Updated Agenda for the WASSC session (427kb) 29/06/2015 details
W.1.5 Draft WASSC38 Report (788kb) 24/06/2015 details
W 1.5 Report from WASSC38 (G. Siraky) (711kb) 29/06/2015 details
W 1.6 Status of actions arisen from WASSC38 (G. Siraky) (273kb) 29/06/2015 details
W.1.6 a Status of actions after WASSC38 (186kb) 19/06/2015 details
W.1.6 b Note from the Secretariat on DS432, DS427 and DS442 (274kb) 19/06/2015 details
W 1.7 WSS status and future steps (G. Siraky) (2,712kb) 29/06/2015 details
W.1.7 a Status of Waste Safety and related standards (139kb) 22/06/2015 details
W.1.7 b Upadated Work Plan for WSSs 2014-2017 (176kb) 22/06/2015 details
W.1.7 c INFCIRC 872_CNS_Vienna Declaration (153kb) 25/06/2015 details
W.1.7 d Letter of the DG to the CSS Chair (56kb) 25/06/2015 details
W.1.7 e Comparison between Vienna Declaration and NSRs (20kb) 25/06/2015 details
W.1.7 f Prioritization of Safety Guides (239kb) 25/06/2015 details
W 2.1 DS403 (V. Ljubenov) (1,077kb) 30/06/2015 details
W 3.1 Progress Report on DS468 (J. Rowat) (1,121kb) 30/06/2015 details
W 3.2 Progress Report on ILW (Y. Kumano) (785kb) 29/06/2015 details
W 3.3 Report on HIDRA project (Y. Kumano) (1,888kb) 29/06/2015 details
W 3.4 Report on DAROD (J. Rowat) (966kb) 30/06/2015 details
W 3.5 Report on development of guidance (M. Kinker) (599kb) 29/06/2015 details
W 4.1 Feedback from Germany (C. Goetz) (1,113kb) 30/06/2015 details
W 4.2 Feedback from Poland (M. Zagrajek) (1,590kb) 30/06/2015 details
W 5.1 The current status of EGRIM activity (V. Lebedev) (453kb) 30/06/2015 details
NW 1.3 Updated Agenda for the Joint NUSSC&WASSC sessions (406kb) 30/06/2015 details
NW 1.6 CSS 37th Meeting Report (484kb) 30/06/2015 details
NW 1.8 Establishment of EPReSC (218kb) 16/06/2015 details
NW 1.8 Establishment of EPReSC (S. Nestoroska-Madjunarova) (929kb) 30/06/2015 details
NW 2.1 DS478 (R. Gater) (694kb) 30/06/2015 details
NW 2.2 DS456 (H. Rycraft) (697kb) 30/06/2015 details
NW 2.3 DS360 (R. Gater) (643kb) 01/07/2015 details
NW 2.4 DS381 (R. Gater) (607kb) 01/07/2015 details
NW 2.5 DS460 (J.-R. Jubin) (695kb) 01/07/2015 details
NW 2.6 DS472 (A. Nicic) (606kb) 01/07/2015 details
NW 2.7 DS473 (G. Jones) (468kb) 01/07/2015 details
NW 2.8 DS483 (M. Kim) (1,043kb) 01/07/2015 details
NW 2.9 DS485 (A. Polyakov) (701kb) 01/07/2015 details
NW 3.1 DS449 DDP (P. Villalibre) (1,154kb) 01/07/2015 details
NW 4.1 NST002 (R. Evans) (320kb) 01/07/2015 details
NW 4.2 NST023 (M. Khaliq) (462kb) 01/07/2015 details
NW 4.3 NST009 (N. Bakri) (534kb) 01/07/2015 details
NW 5.1 Feedback from the Diplomatic Conference (M. Svab) (631kb) 01/07/2015 details
NW 5.2 Feedback from the 5th RM of JC (G. Siraky) (961kb) 01/07/2015 details
NW 5.3 IAEA Operational Safety Conference (V. Ranguelova) (680kb) 02/07/2015 details
NW 5.4 Overview on SFM Conference (G. Bruno) (1,091kb) 02/07/2015 details

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