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WASSC 38 - Nov. 2014

W.1 Opening of WASSC meeting (A. Orell, SH-WES) (107kb) 27/11/2014 details
W.3 - Agenda for WASSC session (247kb) 21/11/2014 details
W.5 Draft Report from WASSC37 (795kb) 21/11/2014 details
W.5.1 Status of actions arisen from WASSC 37 (323kb) 24/11/2014 details
W.6.1 WSSs status and future steps (G. Siraky) (2,144kb) 24/11/2014 details
W.7.1 DS427 (D. Telleria) (1,008kb) 25/11/2014 details
W.7.2 DS442 (D. Telleria) (609kb) 25/11/2014 details
W.7.3 DS447 (M. Kinker) (1,432kb) 24/11/2014 details
W.7.4 DS448 (M. Kinker) (851kb) 24/11/2014 details
W.8.1 NST036 (I. Barraclough) (758kb) 25/11/2014 details
W.9.1 feedback on DS468 (T. Yankovich) (584kb) 25/11/2014 details
W.9.2 video (8,019kb) 25/11/2014 details
W9.2 DS459 status and issues WASSC38 (Z. Fan) (802kb) 25/11/2014 details
W.9.3 DS456 (H.Rycraft) (584kb) 25/11/2014 details
W.9.4 draft TECDOC on Emergency waste (Y. Kumano) (1,473kb) 27/11/2014 details
W.10.1 feedback on Russian proposals (I. Gusev) (710kb) 28/11/2014 details
W.10.2(a) Egyptian current situation (Abdel-Geleel) (5,047kb) 25/11/2014 details
W.10.2(b) feedback from Belgium (W. Blommaert) (808kb) 25/11/2014 details
W.10.2(c) feedback from Finland (K.L. Hutri) (322kb) 25/11/2014 details
W.10.2(d) developing new Italian guidelines (M. Dionisi) (283kb) 26/11/2014 details
W.10.3(a) feedback from ISO (M. Garamszeghy) (661kb) 26/11/2014 details
W.10.3(b) feedback from EU (B. Batandjieva) (832kb) 27/11/2014 details
W.10.8 ARTEMIS (G.Bruno) (1,094kb) 27/11/2014 details
NRW1 Opening Address - DDG D. Flory (210kb) 04/12/2014 details
NRW - Agenda for the Joint Sessions of NUSSC-RASSC-WASSC (234kb) 21/11/2014 details
NRW5.1 - 36th CSS meeting report (D. Delattre) (419kb) 26/11/2014 details
NRW5.2 Meeting of the Chairs report (D. Delattre) (287kb) 26/11/2014 details
NRW5.3 Interface Group (D. Delattre) (301kb) 26/11/2014 details
NRW5.4 Progress report on IT platform (D. Delattre) (2,184kb) 28/11/2014 details
NRW6.1 DS453 (P.P. Haridasan) (933kb) 26/11/2014 details
NRW6.2 DS432 (T. Boal) (471kb) 26/11/2014 details
NRW6.3 DS427 (D. Telleria) (1,562kb) 26/11/2014 details
NRW6.4 DS442 (D. Telleria) (636kb) 26/11/2014 details
NRW6.5 DS447 (M. Kinker) (1,350kb) 27/11/2014 details
NRW6.6 DS448 (M. Kinker) (970kb) 27/11/2014 details
NRW6.7 DS476 (D. Sears) (473kb) 27/11/2014 details
NRW7.1 DS491 (P. Villalibre) (856kb) 27/11/2014 details
NRW8.1 NST020 (R. Evans) (308kb) 27/11/2014 details
NRW8.2 NST041 (N. Pope) (515kb) 27/11/2014 details
NRW.9.1 DPP for NST051 (273kb) 25/11/2014 details
NRW9.1 NST051 (I. Barraclough) (406kb) 26/11/2014 details
NRW9.2 Fukushima Report (G. Caruso) (1,151kb) 27/11/2014 details
NW - Agenda for the Joint Session of NUSSC and WASSC (147kb) 14/10/2014 details
NW1.1 DS452 (V. Ljubenov) (863kb) 27/11/2014 details
NW2.1 DPP for DS489 (Y. Kumano) (567kb) 27/11/2014 details
NW2.2 DPP for DS492 (A. Duchac) (419kb) 27/11/2014 details

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