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WASSC 37 - June 2014

DS454 comments and resolutions (763kb) 15/09/2014 details
W.5 - WASSC 36 Draft Report (930kb) 22/04/2014 details
W.5 - WASSC 36 Draft Report revised (929kb) 16/06/2014 ver.2 details
W.5 Report from 36th WASSC Meeting and status of actions (719kb) 23/06/2014 details
W.5.1 - Status of actions arisen from WASSC36 (98kb) 16/06/2014 details
W.6. Report from 35th CSS meeting_D. Delattre (915kb) 23/06/2014 details
W.7 - WASSC Work Plan 2014-2017 (178kb) 20/06/2014 details
W.7.1 - WASSC Three year report - 2011 - 2013 (845kb) 22/04/2014 details
W.7.1 Report from WASSC sixth term 2011-2013_G. Siraky (423kb) 23/06/2014 details
W.7.2 SPESS_D. Delattre (6,936kb) 23/06/2014 details
W.7.3 WASSC working methods_G. Siraky (1,603kb) 23/06/2014 details
W.7.4 WSSs status and future steps_Siraky (2,161kb) 26/06/2014 details
W.7.5 Feedback from the NUSSC WG on DS462_ S. Geupel (653kb) 24/06/2014 details
W.8.1 DS457_ E. Buglova (524kb) 24/06/2014 details
W.8.2. DS 462_D. Delattre (731kb) 24/06/2014 details
W.8.3 DS360_V. Carr (460kb) 25/06/2014 details
W.8.4 DS 381_V. Carr (462kb) 25/06/2014 details
W.8.5 DS454_K.Moeller (486kb) 25/06/2014 details
W.8.6. DS455_I. Shadad (600kb) 25/06/2014 details
W.8.7 DS 460_ J.R. Jubin (646kb) 25/06/2014 details
W.9.1 DPP DS484_J.Haddad (752kb) 25/06/2014 details
W.9.2 DS 485_R. Krivanek (508kb) 25/06/2014 details
W.9.3 DPP DS486_M. Svab (829kb) 25/06/2014 details
W.9.4 DS 487_K. Sim (629kb) 25/06/2014 details
W10.1 NST002_R. Evans (278kb) 25/06/2014 details
W10.2 NST014_D. Smith (1,107kb) 25/06/2014 details
W10.3 NST023_M. Khaliq (609kb) 25/06/2014 details
W10.5 NST045 M. Rowland (338kb) 26/06/2014 details
W11.1 addendum_D. Telleria (552kb) 26/06/2014 details
W11.1 DS427_D. Telleria (1,747kb) 24/06/2014 details
W12.1 DS432_ T. Boal (453kb) 24/06/2014 details
W12.2 DS442_D. Telleria (457kb) 24/06/2014 details
W12.3 DS447_M. Kinker (856kb) 24/06/2014 details
W12.4 DS448_M. Kinker (871kb) 24/06/2014 details
W12.5 DS452_V. Ljubenov (770kb) 26/06/2014 details
W12.6. Guidance on interface Safety-Security_D. Delattre (558kb) 25/06/2014 details
W12.7 IT Platform _D.Delattre (2,149kb) 31/07/2014 details
W13.1.a - Int Decom Peer Review Japan_Michal (2,188kb) 26/06/2014 details
W13.1.b - Remediation Mission to Japan (681kb) 26/06/2014 details
W13.2 - IEM6 Chairmans Summary Report (111kb) 17/06/2014 details
W13.2 Colgan on IEM6 (570kb) 26/06/2014 details
W13.3 on IEM7_Khartabil (739kb) 26/06/2014 details
W13.3- IEM 7 -Chairmans Summary Report (76kb) 25/06/2014 details
W13.4 UNSCEAR Fukushima report _M. Crick (2,606kb) 26/06/2014 details
W14.2 EU Activities on Spent and Radioactive Waste Manageme (291kb) 26/06/2014 details
W14.3 Conference report_Mansoux_Kinker (582kb) 24/06/2014 details
W14.4 feedback on WTS-WES joint Report_V. Ljubenov (837kb) 26/06/2014 details
W14.5 WATEC report_V. Michal (385kb) 26/06/2014 details
W14.6 PRISMA_K. Moeller (1,113kb) 26/06/2014 details
W14.7 DPCSC Report_Kumano (890kb) 26/06/2014 details
W15.1 - feedback from Secretariat to RF_Colgan (388kb) 30/06/2014 details
W15.1.a - Proposals from the RF - as presented to WASSC36 (11kb) 16/06/2014 details
W15.1.b - Comments from USA on proposals from the RF (158kb) 16/06/2014 details
W15.1.c - Secretariats response to proposals from the RF (92kb) 16/06/2014 details
WASSC 37 List of Participants (178kb) 23/07/2014 details

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