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WASSC 36 - Nov 2013

RW03. Draft Agenda RASSC35 & WASSC36 Meeting (138kb) 15/11/2013 ver.4 details
RW05.1 and 5.3 Report from CSS Chairs and IG_Delattre (925kb) 20/11/2013 details
RW06.1 and 6.2 DS419-420_Gusev and George (634kb) 20/11/2013 details
RW06.3 DS427_Telleria (1,136kb) 20/11/2013 details
RW06.4 DS453_Haridasan (840kb) 22/11/2013 details
RW06.5 DS458_Gusev (426kb) 20/11/2013 details
RW06.6 DS460_Jubin (654kb) 20/11/2013 details
RW07.1 DPP DS476_Hargitai (581kb) 20/11/2013 details
RW07.2 DPP DS478_Carr (530kb) 20/11/2013 details
RW07.3 DPP DS479_Jiang.pdf (435kb) 22/11/2013 details
RW07.5 DPP DS483_Kim and Hughes.pdf (700kb) 22/11/2013 details
RW08.1 NST022_INFSEC_Dudenhoeffer (346kb) 22/11/2013 details
RW09.2 NST048 Revision to NSS 11_George (639kb) 22/11/2013 details
RW10.1 TOR SSCs_Delattre (360kb) 22/11/2013 details
RW11.1 Proposals for SS developments of Russia_Nepeypivo (788kb) 22/11/2013 details
RW11.1 Proposals for SS developments of Russia_Text File (11kb) 26/11/2013 details
Updated Status of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (6,860kb) 22/11/2013 details
W03. Draft Agenda WASSC 36 Meeting (139kb) 12/11/2013 details
W05. Draft Report from 35th meeting (989kb) 15/11/2013 details
W05. Final Report of WASSC 35 meeting (972kb) 03/12/2013 details
W06. Status of Actions arising from W35 (439kb) 19/11/2013 details
W07. Waste Safety Standards status and future steps_Siraky (1,830kb) 19/11/2013 details
W08.1. DS441_Jiang (442kb) 19/11/2013 details
W09.1. DS427_Telleria (1,152kb) 19/11/2013 details
W10.1a UK experience implementing SS_Griffiths (313kb) 19/11/2013 details
W10.1b. General SR Predisposal MRW_Egypt (278kb) 22/11/2013 details
W10.3a EU Latest Developments_Necheva (1,613kb) 19/11/2013 details
W10.4 PRISM_Moeller (1,793kb) 19/11/2013 details
W10.5 ILW Report_Kumano (931kb) 19/11/2013 details
W10.6 MODARIA_Proehl (1,035kb) 19/11/2013 details
W11.1 Feedback from WG of WASSC-revSG.pdf (612kb) 19/11/2013 details
W11.2 Sixth Three Year Report of WASSC (2011-2013) (360kb) 15/11/2013 ver.0 details
WASSC and WASSC RASSC Group photos (8,136kb) 04/12/2013 details

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