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WASSC 44 - Nov 2017

Draft Chairmans Report - WASSC-42 Meeting (958kb) 11/10/2017 details
Draft Chairmans Report - WASSC-43 Meeting (915kb) 11/10/2017 details
Four Year Report of WASSC 2014-2017 - Final version (1,045kb) 11/04/2018 details
Group Photo of WASSC-44 Participants (4,920kb) 20/11/2018 details
RW1.3 Draft Agenda for the Joint RASSC WASSC Session (432kb) 30/10/2017 details
RW2.1 Report on the 42nd CSS Meeting (D. Delattre) (413kb) 11/11/2017 details
RW2.2 CSS Opinion regarding the 2012 UNSCEAR Report (205kb) 07/11/2017 details
RW3.1 DS471 (H. Pappinisseri) (279kb) 14/11/2017 details
RW3.2 DS477 (D.Bennett) (352kb) 14/11/2017 details
RW3.3 DS449 (P. Villalibre) (339kb) 14/11/2017 details
RW3.4 DS491 (P. Villalibre) (345kb) 14/11/2017 details
RW4.1 Optimization versus Minimization of Doses (B. Lorenz) (1,223kb) 14/11/2017 details
RW4.2 DS468 (T. Yankovich) (949kb) 14/11/2017 details
RW5.1 DPP DS509 (D. Sears) (407kb) 14/11/2017 details
RW5.2 DPP DS510 (D. Sears) (403kb) 14/11/2017 details
RW5.3 DPP DS511 (D. Sears) (397kb) 14/11/2017 details
RW6.1 NST045 (D. Dudenhoeffer) (945kb) 14/11/2017 details
RW6.2 NST051 (D. Shull) (409kb) 14/11/2017 details
W1.3 Draft Agenda for the WASSC Session (326kb) 10/11/2017 details
W1.4 Administrative Arrangements (S.Geupel) (457kb) 13/11/2017 details
W1.6 Status of Actions arisen from WASSC-43 (S. Geupel) (262kb) 13/11/2017 details
W3.1 Waste Safety Standards - Status (S. Geupel) (1,281kb) 13/11/2017 details
W4.1 DPP DS512 (D. Bennett) (314kb) 11/11/2017 details
W5.1 Safety Guide on Policy and Strategy (D. Bennett) (512kb) 14/11/2017 details
W5.3 DS459 (Z. Fan) (698kb) 13/11/2017 details
W5.4 DS505 (T. Yankovich) (1,736kb) 13/11/2017 details
W5.5 DPP DS513 (H. Rycraft) (637kb) 13/11/2017 details
W6.1 WASSC Self-Assessment Report (G. Williams) (178kb) 13/11/2017 details
W6.2 Draft Four Year Report of WASSC 2014-2017 (996kb) 13/11/2017 details
W6.3 Next Term of the Safety Standards Committees (S.Geupel) (266kb) 13/11/2017 details
W6.4 Entombment Option for Decommissioning (J. Rowat) (928kb) 16/11/2017 details
W7.1 Feedback from Mexico (R. Suarez) (1,674kb) 15/11/2017 details
W7.2 Feedback from Switzerland (O. Beffort) (1,394kb) 13/11/2017 details
W7.3 Feedback from the Ukraine (V. Berkovskyy) (2,214kb) 15/11/2017 details
W7.4 Update on NEA Activities (V. Lebedev) (1,190kb) 15/11/2017 details
W8.1 Progress Report on ARTEMIS (M. Skrzeczkowska) (1,107kb) 16/11/2017 details
W8.2 Update on the Joint Convention (S. Geupel) (792kb) 16/11/2017 details
W8.3 New IAEA Projects within the RWSFM Unit (A. Zavazanova) (1,091kb) 15/11/2017 details

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