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WASSC 42 - Nov 2016

EW 1.3 Draft Agenda for the Joint EPReSC WASSC Session (356kb) 21/11/2016 details
EW 2.1 DS478 (R. Gater) (233kb) 30/11/2016 details
EW 2.2 DS468 (T. Yankovich and M. Bush) (483kb) 30/11/2016 details
EW 2.3 DS434 - (I. Gusev) (232kb) 30/11/2016 details
EW 2.4 DS449 (P. Villalibre) (291kb) 30/11/2016 details
W 1.3 Draft Agenda for the WASSC Session (431kb) 21/11/2016 details
W 1.5 Draft Chairmans Report - Joint RASSC WASSC Session (753kb) 21/11/2016 details
W 1.5 Draft Chairmans Report - WASSC Alone Session (672kb) 27/11/2016 details
W 1.6 Status of actions after 41st WASSC Meeting (S.Geupel) (203kb) 28/11/2016 details
W 2.1 Report from 40th CSS Meeting (D.Delattre) (298kb) 28/11/2016 details
W 2.2 Status of the NSS-OUI Platform (D.Delattre) (536kb) 28/11/2016 details
W 3.1 DS468 (T. Yankovich and M. Roberts) (379kb) 01/12/2016 details
W 3.2 DS489 (A.Guskov) (491kb) 29/11/2016 details
W 3.3 DS485 (R. Krivanek) (402kb) 29/11/2016 details
W 3.4 - Annex: IAEA Safety Standards Wheel Poster (Sep 2016) (7,216kb) 13/11/2016 details
W 3.4 Status of Waste Safety Standards (S. Geupel) (1,389kb) 29/11/2016 details
W 4.1 DPP DS500 (V. Ljubenov) (472kb) 29/11/2016 details
W 4.2 DPP DS499 (I. Gusev) (341kb) 29/11/2016 details
W 4.3 DPP DS498 (O. Coman) (421kb) 29/11/2016 details
W 4.4 DPP DS502 (D. Zahradka) (214kb) 29/11/2016 details
W 5.1 NST045 (D. Dudenhoeffer) (688kb) 01/12/2016 details
W 5.2 and W6.3 NST048 and Code of Conduct (Ch. George) (351kb) 30/11/2016 details
W 5.3 NST051 (A. Garrett) (583kb) 01/12/2016 details
W 6.1 Update on the Joint Convention (S. Geupel) (584kb) 01/12/2016 details
W 6.2 Report from the RWM Conference (G. Bruno) (312kb) 01/12/2016 details
W 6.4 Living in a Contaminated Environment (G. Proehl) (548kb) 30/11/2016 details
W 6.5 Report on ARTEMIS (M. Skrzeczkowska) (1,386kb) 30/11/2016 details
W 6.6 Workshop on Operational Safety of GDF (A. Guskov) (243kb) 01/12/2016 details
W 6.8 Report on Joint WG on SF and RadWaste (P. OSullivan) (1,021kb) 02/12/2016 details
W 6.9 SR on Safety Aspects for Uranium Production (Z. Fan) (273kb) 01/12/2016 details
W 7.3 ISSPA Report (299kb) 07/02/2017 details
W 6.10 SR on Safety Aspects for Uranium Prod. by ISL (Z.Fan) (514kb) 01/12/2016 details
W 7.1 RWM in France (Ch. Kassiotis) (955kb) 30/11/2016 details
W 7.2 Activities of the EC (B. Batandjieva-Metcalf) (583kb) 30/11/2016 details

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