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SSR-6 and SSG-26 Revision

FINAL CSM outputA1A2_SSG-26 paras to be drafted by WG (20kb) 12/02/2016 details
FINAL CSM outputCSM SSR-6 20xx _12Feb16 -FINAL (599kb) 12/02/2016 details
FINAL CSM outputCSMFeb16_SSG26edits_Ageing (17kb) 12/02/2016 details
FINAL CSM outputCSMFeb16_SSG26edits_appendix IV_Tie_downs (2,088kb) 12/02/2016 details
FINAL CSM outputCSMFeb16_SSG26edits_References for the Fiss (59kb) 12/02/2016 details
FINAL CSM outputCSMFeb16_SSG26edits_SCO-III (323kb) 12/02/2016 details
FINAL CSM outputCSMFeb16_SSG26edits_Transitional Arrangemen (64kb) 12/02/2016 details
FINAL CSM outputGuidance Notes SSR 26 Dose Equivalent Rate (15kb) 12/02/2016 details
FINAL CSM outputReport of CSM Output 8 to 12 Feb 2016 (20kb) 12/02/2016 details
FINAL CSM outputSSG-26 Redline with TRANSSC 31 Changes (4,006kb) 12/02/2016 details
Agenda Rev 2 (453kb) 08/02/2016 details
CANADA-Faille (7kb) 08/02/2016 details
CSMFeb16_SSG26edits_Ageing (17kb) 11/02/2016 details
CSMFeb16_SSG26edits_appendix IV_Tie_downs (136kb) 11/02/2016 details
CSMFeb16_SSG26edits_References for the Fissile Exceptions (59kb) 11/02/2016 details
CSMFeb16_SSG26edits_SCO-III (323kb) 11/02/2016 details
CSMFeb16_SSG26edits_Transitional Arrangements (64kb) 11/02/2016 details
Discussion on F-2015-01 (120kb) 08/02/2016 details
DPC PROPOSAL TEMPLATE Rev. 0 (93kb) 08/02/2016 details
FRANCE - Tran-Thien (5kb) 08/02/2016 details
INF-05 Proposals in ThematicGroupsTRANSSC31 Decisions rev.1 (4,206kb) 08/02/2016 details
JAPAN - Hirose (4kb) 08/02/2016 details
Proposal-SSG-26 appendix IV (2,086kb) 11/02/2016 details
Proposal-SSG-26 appendix IV (133kb) 08/02/2016 details
Provisional Terms of Reference CSM February2016 (454kb) 08/02/2016 details
Revision of SSG-26 Step 8 changes to current version (10,180kb) 30/08/2017 details
SSG 26-Change Proposals on Refs for the Fissile Exception (55kb) 08/02/2016 details
SSG-26 Para 614.2bis 614.3bis 614.4bis - WNTI comments (18kb) 08/02/2016 details
SSR-6 20XX EDITION DRAFT 8 Feb16 (1,402kb) 08/02/2016 details
SSR-6 20xx Edition_draft_10Feb16 (612kb) 10/02/2016 details
SSR-6 20xx Edition_draft_11Feb16 - final (607kb) 11/02/2016 details
SSR-6 20xx Edition_draft_9Feb16 (598kb) 09/02/2016 details
SSR-6 20xx Edition_draft_rev0 (1,225kb) 08/02/2016 details
Transitional Arrangements WG conclusions (538kb) 08/02/2016 details

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