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Severe Accident Management Programmes for NPPs _ Deadline for comments: 27 October 2017

0 DS483 - Edited version_SSC comments implemented_ (897kb) 31/05/2017 details
0 DS483 - MS comments implemented (Track Changes) (728kb) 12/04/2017 details
0 DS483 - SSC comments implemented_Track Changes (947kb) 31/05/2017 details
0 DS483 - Table of SSC Comments Resolution (1,103kb) 31/05/2017 details
0 Note - Description of Documents uploaded for SSC Review (90kb) 01/06/2017 details
0 Resolution Table for MSs (1,748kb) 28/03/2017 details
0 Severe Accident Management Programmes for NPPs (764kb) 28/03/2017 details
1 New version of DS483 for NUSSC volunteers consultation (773kb) 06/07/2017 details
DS483 Clean version (907kb) 21/11/2017 details
DS483 Comment Resolution Table (329kb) 20/11/2017 details
DS483 Marked version (1,007kb) 20/11/2017 details
Explanation of DS483 for 44th NUSSC Meeting (176kb) 21/11/2017 details
New version of DS483 after NUSSC volunteers consultation (1,125kb) 22/09/2017 details
Note on the changes made after volunteers consultation (99kb) 26/09/2017 details



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