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Occupational Radiation Protection Appraisal (ORPAS) mission to Uruguay, 2010

In response to a request of the Government of Uruguay, the IAEA organized and conducted an ORPAS mission on radiation protection of workers from 28th June to 5th July 2010. The mission was designed to independently assess and evaluate occupational radiation protection programmes at the end user facilities, capabilities of the technical services organizations and the regulatory authority.

The team visited several end-user facilities working mainly in medical practices, particularly in radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, radiology and interventional cardiology. Two further institutions involved in production of radioisotopes and one institution using industrial radiography and gauges were also assessed. A total of 13 facilities or activities were visited.

The technical services included:

  • Three providers of external dosimetry services
  • One provider of internal dosimetry service
  • One calibration service
  • Two establishments providing educational and training programmes on radiation protection

The regulatory authority was also visited in relation to the process of Regulatory framework, Authorization and Approval, workers’ health surveillance, education and training, transport as well as national dose registry.

The appraisal team included Simone Kodlulovich (Reviewer and Team Leader, Brazil); Maria Cristina Plazas, (Reviewer, Colombia), Jim Thurston (Reviewer, England), Saul Perez Pijuan ((Reviewer, Cuba) and Rodolfo Cruz Suarez (Reviewer and IAEA Coordinator).

The mission findings , conclusions and recommendations for the government as well as for all establishments visited was presented at the end of the mission and with the feedback form participants is being finalized. This mission was been conducted under the Technical Cooperation Programme whiting project: Strengthening and Updating Technical Capabilities for the Protection of Health and Safety of Workers Occupationally Exposed to Ionizing Radiation (TSA2).


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