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IAEA Nuclear Safety Action Plan Dashboard

Action 5 - Operating Organizations

"Strengthen the effectiveness of operating organizations with respect to nuclear safety"


Sub Actions

Sub Action Title Activities
1 Member States to ensure improvement, as necessary, of management systems, safety culture, human resources management, and scientific and technical capacity in operating organizations the IAEA Secretariat to provide assistance to Member States upon request view
2 Each Member State with nuclear power plants to voluntarily host at least one IAEA Operational Safety Review Team (OSART) mission during the coming three years, with the initial focus on older nuclear power plants. Thereafter, OSART missions to be voluntarily hosted on a regular basis view
3 The IAEA Secretariat to strengthen cooperation with WANO by amending their Memorandum of Understanding to enhance information exchange on operating experience and on other relevant safety and engineering areas and, in consultation with other relevant stakeholders, to explore mechanisms to enhance communication and interaction among operating organizations view
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| Last update: Monday, 10 December, 2018.