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IAEA Nuclear Safety Action Plan Dashboard

Action 2 - IAEA Peer Reviews

"Strengthen IAEA peer reviews in order to maximize the benefits to Member States"


Sub Actions

Sub Action Title Activities
1 The IAEA Secretariat to strengthen existing IAEA peer reviews by incorporating lessons learned and by ensuring that these reviews appropriately address regulatory effectiveness, operational safety, design safety, and emergency preparedness and response; Member States to provide experts for peer review missions. view
2 The IAEA Secretariat, in order to enhance transparency, to provide summary information on where and when IAEA peer reviews have taken place, and to make publicly available in a timely manner the results of such reviews with the consent of the State concerned view
3 Member States to be strongly encouraged to voluntarily host IAEA peer reviews, including follow-up reviews, on a regular basis; the IAEA Secretariat to respond in a timely manner to requests for such reviews view
4 The IAEA Secretariat to assess, and enhance as necessary, the effectiveness of the IAEA peer reviews view
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| Last update: Monday, 10 December, 2018.