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IAEA Action Plan on Nuclear Safety Dashboard


Welcome to the IAEA Action Plan on Nuclear Safety dashboard, providing a centralized location for viewing information on each of the 12 actions, their subactions and mission calendar.

This dashboard is dedicated to sharing Action Plan information across the world nuclear community.
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The purpose of the IAEA’s Action Plan on nuclear safety is to define a programme of work to strengthen the global nuclear safety framework in light of the accident at TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. This work is addressed through the twelve actions and their sub-actions. To view this and more detailed information please click on the links below:

Action Title Sub Actions
1 Safety Assessments - Undertake assessment of the safety vulnerabilities of nuclear power plants in the light of lessons learned to date from the accident 4
2 IAEA Peer Reviews - Strengthen IAEA peer reviews in order to maximize the benefits to Member States 4
3 Emergency Preparedness and Response - Strengthen emergency preparedness and response 5
4 National Regulatory Bodies - Strengthen the effectiveness of national regulatory bodies 3
5 Operating Organizations - Strengthen the effectiveness of operating organizations with respect to nuclear safety 3
6 IAEA Safety Standards - Review and strengthen IAEA Safety Standards and improve their implementation 2
7 International Legal Framework - Improve the effectiveness of the international legal framework 3
8 Member States Embarking on Nuclear Energy - Facilitate the development of the infrastructure necessary for Member States embarking on a nuclear power programme 2
9 Capacity Building - Strengthen and maintain capacity building 2
10 Protection from Ionizing Radiation - Ensure the on-going protection of people and the environment from ionizing radiation following a nuclear emergency 3
11 Communication - Enhance transparency and effectiveness of communication and improve dissemination 6
12 Research and Development - Effectively utilize research and development 2

| Last update: Friday, 04 March, 2016.